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Style: 89241
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Style: 34011
Style: 89248
Style: 60094
Style: 60091

Style: PR11921
Style: PR11922
Style: PR21957
Style: PR11923
Style: PR11924
Style: PR11926

Style: B60-360
Style: RM12-112
Style: D09-509
Style: RB87-387
Style: RMV15-115
Style: DV16-516

Style: 26887
Style: 26889
Style: 26927
Style: 26933
Style: 26916
Style: 26987


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May Queen

may queen style MQ-907
Style: MQ-907
may queen style MQ505
Style: MQ505
may queen style RQ7087
Style: RQ7087

Cindy Collection

cindy collection style 1504
Style: 1504
cindy collection style 1609
Style: 1609
cindy collection style 50374
Style: 50374

Dancing Queen

dancing queen style 2414
Style: 2414
dancing queen style 3011
Style: 3011
dancing queen style 9994
Style: 9994

Let's Fashion

lets style 107-5949
Style: 107-5949
lets style 6045
Style: 6045
lets style js79
Style: js79


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morilee style 9501
Estilo: 9501
morilee style 9504
Estilo: 9504
morilee style 9519
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morilee style 9515
Estilo: 9515
morilee style 9481
Estilo: 9481
morilee style 9484
Estilo: 9484


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Dama de honor

May Queen

may queen style MQ1432B
Estilo: MQ1432B7
may queen style MQ1678B
Estilo: MQ1678B
may queen style mq890
Estilo: mq890

Cindy Collection

cindy collection style CN1242
Estilo: CN1242
cindy collection style CN1357
Estilo: CN1357
cindy collection style CN1401
Estilo: CN1401

Dancing Queen

dancing queen style DQ2072
Estilo: DQ2072
dancing queen style DQ2279
Estilo: DQ2279
dancing queen style DQ9914
Estilo: DQ9914

Let's Fashion

lets style LF1613
Estilo: LF1613
lets style LF1809
Estilo: LF1809
lets style LF7219
Estilo: LF7219

Madre de la novia

May Queen

may queen style MQ1077
Estilo: MQ1077
may queen style MQ571
Estilo: MQ571
may queen style MQRQ7182
Estilo: MQRQ7182

Cindy Collection

cindy collection style CN1581
Estilo: CN1581
cindy collection style CN1591
Estilo: CN1591
cindy collection style CN50366
Estilo: CN50366

Dancing Queen

dancing queen style 8685
Estilo: 8685
dancing queen style 9070
Estilo: 9070
dancing queen style 9573
Estilo: 9573

Let's Fashion

lets style 7410
Estilo: 7410
lets style 7380
Estilo: 7380
lets style 7383
Estilo: 7383


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Decor Pillows

Bridesmaid Jewelry

Bridemaids Jewelry Bridemaids Jewelry 1 Bridemaids Jewelry 2

Bridesmaid Shoes

Bridemaids Shoes Bridemaids Shoes 1 Bridemaids Shoes 2 Bridemaids Shoes 3



Candle Sets

Candle Set Candle Set 1 Candle Set 2 Candle Set 3 Candle Set 4 Candle Set 5






Adornos Adornos 1 Adornos 2 Adornos 3 Adornos 4 Adornos 5 Adornos 6 Adornos 7 Adornos 8

Toasting Set

Toasting Set 1 Toasting Set 2 Toasting Set 3 Toasting Set 4

Wedding Accesories

Accesorios de boda 1 Accesorios de boda 2 Accesorios de boda 3 Accesorios de boda 4 Accesorios de boda 5 Accesorios de boda 6 Accesorios de boda 7 Accesorios de boda 8 Accesorios de boda 9

Kids Clothes

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Boy's Suits

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accessories accessories accessories
accessories accessories

Girl's Dresses

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Location and Store Hours?

~We are closed on major holidays and Dec 24th-Jan 1st. Any other closed days will be posted on our social media and sent to our newsletter mailing list. (sign up below!)

Mon: 12p-7p

Closed Tuesdays

W-F: 12p-7p

Sat: 12p-5p

Sun 12p-4p

2922 W 38th Ave

Denver, CO 80211

(303) 458-6860

How do I make a purchase?

~Please visit the store to make a purchase.

Do you do alterations?

~While we will happily alter any dresses sold at our store, we do not take outside alterations.

What is your sales policy?

~We welcome you to visit our store to better help you find what you are looking for.

~All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds.

Customer Reviews

Was able to find a beautiful and comfortable dress in my size for my sister's wedding. Recieved so many compliments on my dress! Staff is very friendly and helpful also.

~Ofelia Romo

Friendly staff, great prices and beautiful selection of suits and dresses for young children and adults alike! We will definitely be returning for all our kids dress needs!

~Frank Martinez

Second time buying beautiful dresses. First prom dress and second for baptism. I will visit again.Thank you!

~Maria Garcia

The staff was very helpful. The made my daughter look and feel like a princess.

~Greg GuzmanX

Fast and easy service no language barrier have great selection of baptism gowns and accessories

~Naomi Wadley

This is a beautiful, and wonderful shop, that is run by beautiful and wonderful people! Thank you for helping us dress our mother like an angel.

~Agnes Medina

Nesesitaba una camisa morada de niño. Fui casi a todas las tiendas del mall y algunas boutiques y no la encontre pero en una boutique una persona me recomendó. La Guapa Boutique. Y alli encontré la camisa morada y hasta los zapatos y otras cosas que necesitaba. Y te atienden super bien. Los recomiendo.


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Who We Are:

La Guapa Boutique has been family owned and operated for over 20 years in the Northwest Denver Area.

Our Business:

La Guapa Boutique is a retail store of products and services for special occasions. We offer a wide variety of clothing and accessories for Quinceañeras, Baptisms, First Communion, Brides Maids, and Boys Tuxedos.

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